Who can participate?
- This contest is divided into 3 age groups:
Age 7-10 
Age 11-13
Age 14-18
What should I do to participate?
Take a video daily for 5 days to talk about what you do and how you feel during this quarantine period.
Each video should be at least 3 mins.
     - Only one entry is accepted per individual.
How to participate and submit the video?
1) Fill in the online registration form through below link:
2) Submit the videos. The videos can be combined in one video or in separate videos. 
You have the following options to submit:
a) Upload the video(s) in the online registration form,
OR, b) Upload the video(s) to Youtube and email us the link
to talents@sisalugano.ch
OR, c) Upload the video(s) to Google Drive and email us the link
to talents@sisalugano.ch
OR, d) Use Dropbox or WeTransfer and email the link
to talents@sisalugano.ch
- The accepted file formats are MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI and FLV. 
For enquiry, please contact us at talents@sisalugano.ch
or +41 78 205 5540 (Whatsapp).
Vlog Video Driario.jpeg
Vlog Video Driary.jpeg