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Who can participate?
- This contest is divided into 3 age groups:
Age 7-10 
Age 11-13
Age 14-18
What should I do to participate?
Take a video daily for 5 days to talk about what you do and how you feel during this quarantine period.
Each video should be at least 3 mins.
     - Only one entry is accepted per individual.
How to participate and submit the video?
1) Fill in the online registration form through below link:
2) Submit the videos. The videos can be combined in one video or in separate videos. 
You have the following options to submit:
a) Upload the video(s) in the online registration form,
OR, b) Upload the video(s) to Youtube and email us the link
OR, c) Upload the video(s) to Google Drive and email us the link
OR, d) Use Dropbox or WeTransfer and email the link
- The accepted file formats are MP4, MOV, WMV, AVI and FLV. 
For enquiry, please contact us at
or +41 78 205 5540 (Whatsapp).
Vlog Video Driario.jpeg
Vlog Video Driary.jpeg
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