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Who can participate?
- This contest is divided into 4 age groups:
Age 7-10 
Age 11-13
Age 14-18
What should I do to participate?
- Write a diary in English or Italian for 5 days.
- For age 7-10, the diary has to be at least 50 words.
- For age 11-13, the diary has to be at least 150 words.
- For age 14-18, the diary has to be at least 250 words.
- The work can be handwritten or typed. If it is handwritten, please take clear photos of your work, or scan it as pdf file. If it is typed, please save it as pdf file.
- Only one entry is accepted per individual.
How to participate and submit the work?
1) Fill in the online registration form through below link:
2) Upload the file directly in the registration form,
OR Send the file separately by email to:
(Please write the name of the participant in the email.)
For enquiry, please contact us at
or +41 78 20 555 40 (Whatsapp).
Blog Scritto Ogni Giorno.jpeg
Blog Writing Driary.jpeg
Blog Writing Driary.jpeg
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